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You need a team to help, not a "Do it yourself" solution!

Take care of your current clients, meet new ones and get close to them in a modern and simple way funneling them to your own  e-commerce in sync with native mobile apps.

You deserve a direct to consumer channel aside to wherever you sell already. We want to be your technology partner to achieve that!

What is it?

Kommerce is a mobile commerce platform which allows sellers to have their own mobile store and native apps, allowing them to upload their products and manage their business transactions.

Who is it for?

Kommerce purpose as a mobile commerce platform is to let clients easily buy directly from their favorite brands at a screen touch distance & from their favorite social networks.

Why use it?

The platform has a very intuitive flow allowing a natural interaction with the user. If you believe your brand deserves direct to consumer contact and don't want to do it all by yourself, this is for you.