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Once the registration is complete we'll customize your page, starting in the top section with the change of the personal logo, search box and welcome banner.

In the picture

1. Personal logo.
2. Search box for fast reaching the products that the visitor wants.
3. Welcome banner (can be changed to show some new product or anything else that it's hot topic on the platform).

Product Showcase

Then move on to the product showcase organized by category. In  each product show an image on the showcase, as well as the name of the product and button of adding to the cart.
In the picture:

4. Products organized by category.
5. Image on the showcase.
6. The title of the product (name of product).
7. Add to cart button.

Product Details

In the part of product details you can see very clear the image of the product, price, quantity to buy, add to cart button, add to wish list button and add to compare with other products button.
In the picture:

8. The image of the product.
9. The price of the product.
10. The cuantity to buy.
11. Add to cart button.
12. Add to wish list.
13. Add to compare with other products.

Shopping Cart

In the shopping cart you will see your products list and the cart prices. Also you can edit the products list by deleting products from the cart, changing the number of products and updating the products list.
in the picture:
14. Product shopping cart list.
15. Edit shopping cart.
16. Delete from shopping cart the product.
17. Total cart price.
18. Update shopping cart.

Log in

In the login section you can create an account or access an account already registered with the email and password provided.
In the picture:

19. Create an account (registration).
20. Email box.
21. Password box.
22. Log in button.


To create a new account you must fill in all the fields with their corresponding data (first name, last name, company, postal address, city, state/province, postal code, country and phone number).
In the picture:

23. All the text fields that needed to be filled up by the client to register on the platform.